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Shawn's Story.

Shawn Callahan was born in 1983. He attended St. Edward’s Elementary School where he played basketball and ran track, as well as playing football for the Gloucester Township Midget Football Association in Blenheim.


Shawn went on to attend Paul VI High School where he continued an involvement in sports participating in football, wrestling and intramural hockey.


Shawn loved all sports, but his favorite was football. Even after he stopped playing, he coached his former midget football team.



But Shawn’s true passion were two, three and four wheeled vehicles. His first was a ‘Power Wheels Jeep’ he shared with his sister. Shawn's second was a go-cart he received as a Christmas gift. Before long he traded in the go-cart for a dirt bike, and that’s all it took, a passion was born.


Shawn loved go-carts, dirt bikes, motorcycles and fast cars. He often said ‘I have a need for speed’, a line he adopted from one of his favorite movies ‘Top Gun’. In fact, Shawn loved the movie so much that while in high school, he met with a recruiter to join the Navy after graduation.  


However those plans were eventually traded for an opportunity to pursue his 'need for speed'. After high school Shawn chose to attend Pennco Tech for a formal education of auto body and paint.


The one thing that outshined Shawn's passion for sports and speed was his passion for life. Shawn is remembered as outgoing, trustworthy, brutally honest, and insanely funny. Above all else, he was a good person, a good friend, a good brother and a good son. 


Shawn's family said it best: “Anyone who met Shawn, liked him.”

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